SEO Article: How to write SEO article?

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SEO Optimized

How to write an SEO article? “SEO” means search engine optimization. SEO websites people can easily find it through search engines like Google.
From “content,” we mean any information that resides on the web and can be consumed on the internet (on various types of content below). So, putting these two concepts together: SEO content is designed to attract any content to search engine traffic.

Write SEO Friendly Article Or SEO Optimized Article.

I’m not going to tell you everything necessary for the search engine optimization of your content here; It’s entirely another guide. But there is a super-quick refresher on whatever you need to do to SEO your web content:

Keyword Research:

If you want to generate traffic through search. It’s best to research a keyword before you start typing. In this way, you can focus on keywords for which a certain amount of search volume already exists – in other words. Write to the topics that people are already searching for information about.

Keyword Optimization:

Learn how and where to use keywords in your content for maximum content. (SEOMoz provides an excellent guide for on-page optimization.)

Content organization:

The content of your site should be arranged logically. It’s not only good for SEO. But it helps visitors easily find other related material on your website. (Now they will stay on your website, it will be better.)
Content Promotion: By increasing the visibility of the new content you create, sharing it on social networks and linking to your content (both from internal and external sites).

How to write an SEO article or SEO optimized article and show in the First Page of Search Results. Initial we wish to place in composing an entire SEO Optimized Article on our journal.

Therefore programmed can merely browse our articles and show it on the first page as long as Our journal doesn’t show on the primary Page. Our journal doesn’t even have traffic. “SEO Optimized Article”

We tend to stand live telling you relating to some things that you just can use to point your article on the first page in Search Result. You’ll even be able to write quality content for your journal.

Types of SEO Content

SEO Article: How to write SEO article?
SEO article

Seo content can include any of the following:


Blog Post

A blog is one of the easiest ways to create a regular stream of SEO content. Generally, blog posts are more attractive and are more likely to attract links than product pages. So they can be a great way to create some authorizations for your site. (Keep in mind that the blogs are very flexible, and you can use them to host any type of content in this list.)


Consider a news article, interview, or feature piece. This is the primary type of content that you will find on most newspapers or magazine-style websites.


Infographics, or large-format images that contain a lot of data (often on the same subject as a graph or chart), can rack up too many page views and links. Because the content is embedded in the image and not readable by the search engine as a text. It is essential to carefully optimize the rest of the page.


A directory is a useful classification of sites or links to resources around a topic. For example, a perfume blog can make a directory of places to buy perfumes from free shops for significant shops across the country.

These are some of the basic types of SEO materials, but this list does not stay confined to you – the possibilities are almost endless.

Top 10 Step For SEO article or SEO Optimized Article.

SEO Article: How to write SEO article?
 How to write an SEO article?

01.  Keyword selection for SEO Optimized Article.

When you write an article on a topic. It’s Topic Your Main Keyword, so before you write an essay. You’ll be compelled to determine what amount the competition is for that keyword and collectively what quantity that Keyword’s Searches area unit. Which may cause you to a concept, that keyword you should use in your article.

We will suggest that you just consistently choose Low Competition Keywords. Therefore, you’ve got a need to face less competition, and you’ll be able to merely rank your article.


02. Turn out Headings and Subheadings for your article.

After you’ve got chosen Keyword, you’ve got needing to target Headings that you just can use that Headings in your article. Several percentages, number of headings you’ve got need to implement your Main Keywords. And also the means several Headings area units to use completely different Headings.

We have already cleared to you one issue that Google shows those articles at the very best with lots of information and exploitation completely different keywords. So Headings are a unit necessary for you.

03. Clear Paragraphs.

Using paragraphs among the articles can increase the browsing ability of your item. Therefore, people will merely scan and understand your topic. Consequently, you should use lots of and of paragraphs in your essay. Whenever you write an article, always try to add any new issue or when you should add a replacement factor to your sentence.

Otherwise, you are a unit going to do some extra build a case for then you should collectively write them among the New Paragraphs. Therefore, your Readers understand well.

Along with this. If your paragraph goes too long. Then you should try to use as many 6-7 lines in your section. Which may collectively look good in your article, and it becomes easier to browse.

04. SEO Optimized Paragraphs.

When you write an article, first of all, ought to enter your main keywords in 1st and Second Paragraphs, therefore programmed can quickly acknowledge your Main Keyword and show your essay at the very best.

In the first paragraph, you enter a minimum of one and over a combine of times. Your primary keyword and just one occasion among the second paragraph. As a result of you utilize lots of your main keywords. In these paragraphs, the keyword is stuffed in your article. And your Article won’t be able to rank so you should be really careful to place the keyword.

05. Image improvement.

Search Engine cannot browse photos, so every Blogger and WordPress give you the power of Image improvement. Therefore you’ll be able to optimize your image.

You can optimize your image and write your Main Keyword in Image that’s improbably very important for Search Ranking.

Many times when you utilize different photos (more than one) in an article. You don’t enter your main keyword one of those photos in any respect. It’s really unhealthy with SEO purpose of the scan, and your item is ever stratified doesn’t produce.

Therefore, you should use the keywords of your Headings or Use completely different Keywords on your photos. Which may increase the density of your alternate keywords. And if you seek for those keywords, your article can get a chance to induce to the very best.

06. SEO Optimized Permalinks.

When we turn out a journal, then we journal includes an Associate in the Nursing address. Similarly, when we tend to write an article, that article collectively has Associate in the Nursing address (URL). That’s named Permalink among the languages of On-Page SEO.

Both Blogger and WordPress give you the power of Permalink improvement. So you’ll be able to produce your permalink SEO Friendly Permalink. To make Permalink SEO Friendly, you’ve got a need to concentrate on some things like:

Your permalink should be little you’ll be able to write as low or now as Permalink. The upper it’s for your article. You can enter your main keyword in your permalink. Do not use Stop Words in Permalink.

07. SEO Optimized Description.

When you sought for a Keyword (topical) on the online, then the results you get are a unit displayed on an analogous website with three choices, that embody Title, Permalink, and description.

By reading the definitions, Readers ascertain what they’re visiting was able to browse during this article and also the majority open the section alone by reading the descriptions. The meaning is improbably significant to you.

You can write an Associate in Nursing SEO Optimized Description for your article. That should be, however, 100, and forty words. As a result of you utilize lots of words than your description won’t show properly in search results and might not be understood in reading.

If you blog on WordPress, you’ll be able to install the SEO By Yoast Plugin that helps you write Description and count the words.

But if you utilize Blogger. Then you’ll be in a position to not notice any such plugin there. You’ll be able to use completely different online tools like SEO mofo. It’s a tool that helps you to place in writing SEO Optimized Description. From that, you just are also able to simply write your description.


08. Internal Links.

When you write an article, you’ll be able to add links to your completely different items on your report. Therefore, once someone visits your essay, he/she is tuned in to your completely different sections and collectively reads them.

Along with that, On-Page SEO is improbably essential for the inner Links article. To place in writing Associate in Nursing SEO Friendly Article.

You would like to embody articles or topics that area unit relevant to that topic. So absolutely add them to your item. From that programmed learn what amount information is obtainable related to that keyword on your article.

Internal Linking makes your article SEO optimized and helps you to increase traffic. Therefore, you would like to provide internal links.


09. Write Competitive Articles.

To write a Competitive Article, your article ought to be a minimum of 1,000 words, then, it’ll come to the first Page in Article Search Results.

Many times, several folk’s area units confused with the fact that what they write among the article of 1000 words. If the material is simply too long, then we tend to produce you with a suggestion.

As we tend to mention earlier, you’ve got needing to build Headings and Subheading before writing Article. Then you target Headings and Subheading, on your article. And it automatic is over 1000 words, and it’ll get too programmed to first involve Page collectively.


10. Add Labels and Tags.

By exploitation Labels and Tags, you’ll be able to merely rank your articles. As a result of here, you’ll be able to enter your Main Keyword and Target Keywords. From that Search Bots, reading your tags, show your article on the first page.

We will suggest that you just use the most 3 tags or labels in your article. Therefore animate search being can’t be confused when you browse your tickets and acquire your item pushed.

Now you write the best SEO optimized article without any problems.

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