Internal Link On Blogspot. Create Automatic Internal Link On Blogspot.

Internal Linking For SEO – How To Create Internal Linking? Create Internal Link Automatically On Your Blogspot. 


Internal Link On Blogspot. Internal linking boosts your On-page SEO. If you add an internal link on your page, your website readers are also impressed to read your other article. In this case, you quickly catch your blog readers. And it’s perfect for your on-page SEO. So try always to create internal linking on your blog post. 

Internal Linking-Create Automatic Internal Link On Blogspot.

How To Create Internal Link? It’s straightforward. Just add some CSS and HTML. And your internal link is created automatically. 

So here I’m sharing that, How to create links on your Blogspot?
First Download CSS and HTML file: HERE

        Now, step: one   

  • Go to your blogger account.
  • Now click template then edit – HTML
  • HTML dashboard is open 
  • Now click anywhere and press essential Ctrl+F (Find)
  • Find =  / head
  • Then copy CSS and paste above the code. 

       Now, Step: Two  

  • After done step one now again press Ctrl+f
  • Or find ( This code does not show up for writing. So see this image code )
Internal Linking code
  • Remember some templates use this code two-three times. So don’t worry. You find this code the last one. Or if your template uses only one time in this code so you can find it easily.
  • Now copy HTML and paste under the code.
Now save your template. Refresh your website and open one of an article and look your internal link is created automatically.


One more thing Each of your links will be created according to your content label. In other words, if you have only one post at a level, then that post will be produced as a link to the order of 2,3 times. 

Internal Linking-Create Automatic Internal Link On Blogspot.

What’s the benefit to create an internal link?

  • Impress your blog readers to read other relative content.
  • It helps your On-page SEO.
  • Boost your SEO.
  • And help to catch your traffic.
  • And the last one is, that it is an excellent opportunity to gain your traffic and rank your SEO posts.
You also show that in this post, I have created an internal link. So try to use this trick and gain an achievement. Also, share it if you like this trick. And also, thanks for reading. 

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