What is C Programming Language? About C Programming

What is C (Programming Language)? About C Programming
C (Programming Language)

C is a general-purpose programming language. which is used for applications ranging from operating systems like Windows and IOS to software. And made 3D movies using programming language.

C programming is highly efficient. Despite being over 40 years old, it is trendy.

Standard C programs are portable. The source code written in a system works in the other operating system without any change.

As mentioned, starting to learn for the program is a functional language. If you know C programming, you will not understand how your plan works, but it also explains how the computer works.

What is C (Programming Language)? 

The solution to the problem through the computer is the program called the program. The process of writing this program or plan is called programmatic or programming. In other words, to make a problem in a short time and easy to solve solutions. The order of sorting in the order of programming is called programming.

What is the programming language?

The programming language is a compilation of words, letters, numbers, symbols used for compiling a problem through the computer. There are many types of program languages. All language is used for composing a different kind of programs. People on the globe use a different language. But the computer does not understand these languages, it only understands (1, 0) which calls binary numbers. Only known as Machine Language So it is clear that the computer’s language machine language and programming language is C, C ++, C #, Python, Perl, Ruby, etc.


Why programming?


Firstly you want to be a programmer. Joining different programs and wishing to maintain their talents. Want to create something new, which nobody ever did today. Suppose you want to create a software that can change to the screen without changing the keyboard. Who am I? Josh? If the job is not easy, but try to blame! I have tried many things, but if you have a good experience, then you can not be a good programmer. Look of the day if you so vain? No, In that case, you can start working as a web developer. (web design and web developer is not one thing, do not confuse). 


Why programming C or C programming?


There are so many programming languages ​​why C? Because of simple programming (PROGRAMMING ANSI C) boss of programming. C Programming is called “MOTHER OF PROGRAMMING”. So you can understand. If you can learn the “mother” of the programming language. Then the next generation will quickly make it easier for you. Why could it be argued with many arguments, but “words speak up, nothing is going to work.” I want to write like me so that I understand.

The c program is the most common and more used programming language for writing operating systems. The first operating system in Unix C language Altogether Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, GNU / Linux are all written in C programming language. C is not just the operating system, motivation of almost all the programming languages ​​popular nowadays C programming language.

C programming

Every word in Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby wrote in C Suppose you want to learn Spanish, Italian, French, or Portuguese. Before learning Latin, will you come to work or not? Since Latin is the origin of these languages. Learning C will help you understand the families of all the programming languages ​​made in C language – give you freedom. The B programming language developed from Martin Ritchie BCPL developed the B programming language, and from there it developed the C language of Dennis Riti, a program in the American Bell Laboratories in 1970.

In 1983, the American Standards Ins set the standard for Unix C in those times. There are many ways in the C programming process. For example, ANSI C, Borland C, Turbo C, Microsoft C, etc. Among these, the 1st standard is standard, and the rest follow the rule. Again each one of them is a compiler. What is C compiler?

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