Antivirus software: Top 6 antivirus software in 2019.

.Mobile antivirus security apps offer on-device malware and spyware scanning and protection period scanning of recent threats; safe browsing; a privacy audit; decision and SMS blocking; contacts backup; and a knowledge usage monitor. Now here I tell you about the best and top 6 antivirus security software or apps for android or windows users. Hello, I’m Hrkjawad. Let’s started.

Top 6 Antivirus Software In 2019

Antivirus software: Best Top 6 antivirus software in 2019.

1.  Avast antivirus software.

First one is avast. Avast is Free Security app that has virus scanning. News of potential privacy risks from putting in apps, decision, and text filtering. Associate app manager, scanning for malicious URL and a firewall. Anti-theft options embody the power to rename the Avast app to disguise it. The power to cover the Avast app from the app receptacle, SIM card, removal alerts. Remote lock and wipe remote alarm, and therefore.

The ability to possess the lost or taken device decision you with the screen blacked out. Thus, you’ll hear the device’s surroundings. Avast Premium Security ($14.99 a year) adds the power to require a photograph. Mechanically following three unsuccessful makes an attempt to unlock the device fencing. (if the machine goes outside of a collection perimeter, it will automatically be secured, associate sound alarm, associated/or send an alert to its location.). Therefore, the ability to watch all advertisements at intervals apps and their trailing systems.

2. AVG antivirus software.


Second, is AVG. Free AVG  blocks malware and spyware. it Scans websites, links, apps, and files for threats; locate and locks or wipes a lost or taken device; monitors knowledge usage, storage usage.  And battery consumption; and blocks unwanted calls and texts. AVG Antivirus professional ($11.99) removes advertisements from the app and adds app backup. App lock (password protection for apps and settings).

The automatic device locks if the SIM card replaced; and “Camera lure” that mechanically takes a photograph with the front-facing camera following 3 unsuccessful makes an attempt to unlock the device.

3. 360 antivirus software.

The third is 360 Security. 360 Security is a free app. It mechanically scans put in apps, memory card content, and new apps for viruses, adware, malware, and Trojan. Anti-theft options embody the remote wipe, locate, alarm, and lock. The app may also block unwanted phone calls and texts. It Lock individual apps to guard privacy, monitor knowledge usage. And Liberate RAM to boost performance and take away recent and unused files to free up space for storing.

4. McAfee.

Fourth is McAfee Security. McAfee Security offers virus scanning and detection; safe net surfing; WiFi security; app protection, etc. It alerts concerning apps that will place personal knowledge at risk. A decision blocker and SMS filter; and anti-theft options, together with the power to require a photograph of the person holding your lost or taken device, confirm. The device location, lock and wipe the device remotely, and sound a distant alarm. McAfee All Access users or prices $29.99 a year. Otherwise, removes ads and adds phone support, and media backup.

5. Norton.

The fifth is Norton Security. Norton is identifies virus and removes risky apps. It remove all that contain malware or potential privacy risk. And also blocks unwanted calls and texts. Backs up contacts and offers the right style of anti-theft protection. Together with the power, find a lost taken device, to require a photograph of anyone exploitation. The device, to trigger an associated alarm, and to lock or wipe a tool remotely. The free version includes a restricted vary with options. A lot of sturdy premium version prices $29.99 a year.

6. Kaspersky.

The last one is Kaspersky. Kaspersky web Security for an automatic. It scanning malware; and remote lock, wipe, find an alarm. The power to require a photograph remotely via a lost or taken device; and decision and text filtering. The premium version adds machine-controlled malware scans, blocks malicious websites. It also detects and blocks phishing links in incoming text messages and includes an identification manager. The essential version is free. And the premium version prices $14.95 a year.
All thouse antivirus is best for protect your deviecs.
All those security are also best for PC users with the PC version and mobile users

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