What is C compiler? | About C compiler-How its work?

C compiler | What is C compiler?
C compiler 

What is C-Compiler About C compiler?

The C compiler is a computer programming language. The compiler is a piece of software that reads the human-readable text representation of the computer program (code). Aand encompasses an executable series of binary systems (compile) that can be run by the microprocessor - primarily Software that sends a text to machine-executable code (a program/executable).

The C compiler is a compiler that compiles C language code.

No code can execute. Because you write even computer programming does not understand languages ​​such as C. So. We need an agent like a program that takes our text input and converts them to OS Execution (like a home in Windows). It is none other than the compiler.

The compiler reads each row of the first code and organizes the block of 0s and 1s that the computer can perform and can pack it into the specific executable of the OS, and this is your program.

What you write on your PC is a high-level language that you can understand as a developer, but computers understand 0s and 1s and nothing else. Here comes the compiler which translates a high-level language to machine code that follows computer hardware.

A program is a set of instructions written in a high-level language (English) and to make the computer program understandable. It will not understand the computer in a high-level language. It should convert into machine-understandable language, and it is a duty Compilers.

Compiler compile high-level language into machine level language.

Formal definition:

C compiler | What is C compiler?
C compiler

A compiler is a computer program (or a set of plans) that turns the source code written in a programming language into another computer language (target language). The latter often has a binary form, which is the object code is referred to as.

The most common reason for changing the source code is to create an executable program.

The name "compiler" is employed primarily for programs that translate ASCII text file from high-level programing language into the lower-level language (such as programming language or machine code).

If the compiled program will run on a laptop whose C.P.U. or package is different on that the compiler moves, then the compiler is known as a cross-compiler.

Typically, compilers are a specific type of translator. A compiler could be a unique program that processes the statements written in a particular programing language and converts them into machine language or "code" that uses a computer's processor.

Typically, an applied scientist uses associate degree editor to put in writing language statements in a very language like Pascal or C-line at a time. In the file that creates, the source statement call. The program then runs the appropriate language compiler, specifying the name of the data that contains the source statements.

When executing (running), the compiler analyzes. All the statements of the first language or other stories have correctly referenced in the final system. Traditionally, the output of the compilation is called object code or sometimes object module. (Note that here the word "object" is not related to object-oriented programming.) The object code is the machine code that the processor can execute one instruction at a time.

The Java programming language. The language used in object-oriented programming presents the possibility of output compilation (called bio-code). Which can run on any computer system platform for which a Java virtual machine Instruction is provided to replace the biodegradation? The processor can execute actual hardware. By using this virtual machine, biotech can alternatively be restored to the execution stage by the just-in-time compiler. (See also: Java compiler)

Traditionally, in some operating systems, an additional step is needed after the compilation - to resolve the relative position of the data. When more than one object module run at the same time, and they directed at each other. Sequence or data used cross-referencing. This process was sometimes called output is known as linkage editing and load modules.

A compiler works sometimes called 3GL and high-level languages. An assembler works on programs written using the assembler language of a processor.

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